Sunday, April 28, 2013

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The following page is an early effort which predates the website.

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   The so-called White Nationalist movement is not based upon conquest or expansion into other territories.
But instead; our goals are merely to save humanity from the grips of Tyranny. This threat is often called The New World Order.  Admittedly, this namesake seems laughable.  Yet its goals are based upon 19th Century Communism.   From the onset; their aim was to eliminated nationalities, along with each unique culture.   And, to eventually destroy ethnic & racial identities.

     There are many 'white nationalist' websites which have yet to be discovered. (also, refer to my forum explaining why the term "White Nationalist" should NO LONGER be used.)
     Additionally; we can also locate many useful articles, as well.  Please remember to CACHE every blog, just in case material is removed by the Censors. I've already retrieved important information from items which are currently unavailable via the internet. SO, whenever visiting a random News Story; be sure to save those articles which are most relevant.   Also, if website links are broken; they will promptly be replaced with   new URL's.
     This website is titled for easy reference.  Important links are provided for your convenience.
   Please note:   This continuing project has taken longer than expected; and is not yet complete. 

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