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Zangwill: The Melting Pot,promoted Zionism, Mass Immigration. Born in Britain

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  • Actual Postcards from Early Americana
  • Statements made by College Professors & Women's Groups
  • Genocidal Wars in Ancient China, and other regions
  • Howard Zinn fuels animosity of Native American tribes against Westerners. Also fought for desegregation & Civil Rights for Blacks, while HIS people chose to remain segregated in privatized communities.
  • David Stannard also rekindles memories, claiming that 100 Million Natives populated America prior to White Settlement. (This statistic is probably 96% inaccurate). (Stannard also cites the lack of sympathy given to Native Americans, compared to Cambodia & Bosnia. The obvious reason is because other events took place within our lifetime.) Some of his comparisons, such as the forgotten Indonesian Genocide, only prove that widespread atrocities are commonplace. Thus asking why one group is targeted with accusations. (....not even Hispanics are given any blame.) Stannard's book mainly stereotypes "Good Indian" Vs. "Bad White Man". Yet excludes his people as participants in Colonization. But, I ask: How does one explain International Jewry? Their power derives from centuries of conspiring with rival empires; such as The British, Dutch, & Spanish. So, Jews were the main beneficiaries of these empires. Yet, all is forgotten in history. Conclusion: Stannards research aims to deconstruct society. It's not because his goals are based in humanitarianism
  • One of the primary arguments used by Zionists is the claim that "whitey Stole land from The Indians". Nothing is ever said about the unconventional methods used by Native Americans. This includes launching arrows indiscriminately. Or, often aiming for Privates or the victim's neck. There are many examples which ironically can't even be found on the internet. Aside from this; Native Americans had engaged in warfare & conquest on a smaller scale. There are few societies which did not practice warfare or invasion. Yet, this entire hypothesis is a favorite rationale used by Zionists. Such logic doesn't explain why they're trying to destroy all European nations.
  •  Also, few people realize that dozens of modern nations have displaced predecessors. Such examples include: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia. (Ironically; most people are aware of The Japanese replacement of native Ainu peoples.) But, Aboriginal types inhabited many regions of Southeast Asia. And, needless to say; Muslim Invasions changed the World's Landscape. There's even a divide between Sunni & Shiite Muslims. In other words; some Muslim Migrations have even replaced others.
  • There have been over 10,000 wars since the beginning of recorded history. In fact, Warfare predates history itself. Initially, we wanted to believe that neolithic wanderers didn't yet engage in battles. But, recent discoveries have proven otherwise. Initially, this evidence was disconcerting. But, it's actually good news for Europeans. We've finally had the burden lifted from our shoulders. We must now stop claiming that 'White Guys' are responsible for all the wars throughout history. Such doctrine should already be a proven myth; since it's entirely based on Critical Theory. It's also an ironic note that ancient Hebrews practiced Mass Exterminations.
  •  For example: The Biblical Story of Jericho is based upon full annihilation of native populations. So, as irony would have it: Jews are only people who actually "celebrate" genocides committed by their ancestors. And, although past events are faded memory; such acts are STILL revered within the Jewish psyche. By contrast; most normal people wouldn't champion their ancestor's atrocities. (disclaimer: in no way does this article attempt to place any historical blames upon the Jewish faith. However, our purpose is to liberate Europeans from collective guilt.)
  • Let's not forget; Aztecs were responsible for worse atrocities than any civilization in history.  All major empires of Pre-Colombian & Mesoamerica began the exact same way.  Originating from a tiny location, and expanding outward through violent methods.  We all must accept these harsh realities.
  • It's ironic that Europeans were the 1st true Humanitarians.  White guys always sought to correct injustices; and bring peace toward others.  They also chose methods of reconstruction without punishing the perpetrators.  Our re-building of Post-WWII Japan is one such example.  We even used this same philosophy during The Korean War.  Although, Communist North Korea invaded  Southern territory; our primary goal was to save the democratic state, rather than annihilating our enemy.  Perhaps, this is why Zionists seek our destruction.  Westerners are the only ones who can save humanity from the grips of World Communism.  And, if we're eliminated; they'll easily subvert The Masses into submission.  (Ironically, Cultural Marxism aims to exterminate Europeans by accusing 'white guys' of racism, sexism, and homophobia.  These ridiculous methods of psychological warfare simply wouldn't  work against any other society.  Could you imagine being captured by Islamic Extremists?   And, trying to defend yourself by calling them "racist" or "sexist"?  Obviously, this "name calling" would have no effect whatsoever.  ...And, it certainly couldn't save your life. 
  • Did you ever wonder who said that "Race is merely a social construct"? Not surprisingly, he believes that his own people have a unique genetic heritage. Citing Wikipedia: [Lewontin has at times identified himself as Marxist, and admitted that his ideological views have affected his scientific work (Levins and Lewontin 1985)]. This offers insight regarding the true goals of World Communism. They aim to erase your ethnic & cultural identity.

    Professor Darry Sragow is calling white republicans "the last vestige of old, angry White America". His comment actually derives from old Marxist ideology; thus fulfilling 100 years of Culture Warfare against The West. It's a typical case of avoiding issues, while focusing on linear Communist Theory. [did you notice: Sragow's comment was secretly genocidal. He deliberately used the term, 'last vestage'. We should also analyze his reference promoting discrimination, on the basis of Age. This ideology was created by old communists, back in pre-Bolshevik Russia. (by the way: When the 2012 election ended, I had no idea that it was a "racial" issue until awakening the morning after. I was met with headlines claiming that "white people just don't get it". And, what exactly did we do wrong, anyway? It just goes to show how ruthless mainstream media has become.
     (It's an ironic note that David Frum is an old Jew, who managed to put Newsweek magazine out-of-business.  Did you read some of those articles during Frum's tenure?   It's reminiscent of class-clowns writing for High School newspapers.  When Ramzpaul confronted Newsweek on the apparent contradictions; The Canadian-born Frum warned that such criticism is considered hate speech.   And, Ramzpaul could have been incarcerated under Canadian Law.  Speaking of Legal issues;  Zionists throughout the world infiltrate politics and conspire to slowly remove our liberties.  We should closely follow Zionist influence over American Politics. You won't know about it, until it's too late. )

    Professor of Constitutional Law; Louis Michael Seidman, wrote an article in The New York Times, titled "Let's Give Up on the Constitution". He cites that, The Bill of Rights is just an OLD piece-of-paper written by White Men, hundreds of years ago. He said nothing about the content within that "old" document. (once again, using that Linear Communist Theory). Seidman is an advocate for Marxist doctrine. His literary works certainly reflect those principles. It leads to wonder why such individuals can write freely for prominent publications. (I asked the same question three decades earlier; when Feminists controlled media literature. ...despite their blatant lack of skills).
    And, speaking of lousy writing; I'm reminded of an article on Yahoo News, written by Liz Goodwin.   [did you catch that part about the Woman who was given amnesty in 1986?  She had since petitioned for 22 relatives.  And they've all come to America.  And now, they're all calling us "racist".  I've noticed that Goodwin has since removed this paragraph from the article.]
         This is a typical example of  Cultural Marxism at work.  Goodwin has written several articles praising foreigners, while ignoring The Citizens here.  In other words; Longstanding Americans are a non-existent people. It works that way in EVERY country where Zionists push for massive immigration. Whether it be France, England, Norway, or Holland.   Jews will try to phase native peoples into oblivion.  So, if a Dutch family can trace its lineage thousands of years; THEIR views simply don't matter.  While, a newly arrived Muslim immigrant is given special treatment.   Once again: This is Text-Book Marxism.  The Zionists plan to break your identity, until you've lost any will whatsoever to retaliate.  
         Under construction.
   Disclaimer: Lists herein are not necessarily specific to the European Liberation Movement.


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